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Braces FAQ

Here are some of the common questions we receive from our orthodontics patients at Charlotte Advanced Orthodontics in Port Charlotte, FL.


How much do braces cost?
Each patient case is unique with various factors impacting the cost of care.  After a free consultation, we will review your treatment needs and associated fees.  We will discuss your insurance benefits and financing options to minimize your out of pocket expenses. For more information, see how we Make Braces Affordable.

How long will I have to wear braces?
Some orthodontic cases are quick and easy and can be completed in less than 12 months. Other cases are complicated and require much more time to move teeth, lasting over 24 months. Duration of treatment depends on several factors such as required amount of tooth movement, patient age, amount of overjet and overbite, and patient compliance. At our initial consultation we will provide an estimation of treatment duration, although the true duration is determined by the final outcome.
Will I need to have any teeth pulled?
In some cases when there is severe crowding caused by inadequate space, extraction of one tooth per quadrant may be necessary. Tooth extraction is only considered when proper treatment goals could not reasonably be accomplished otherwise.
What is discussed in an initial evaluation?
In our initial consultation, we will discuss with you the underlying orthodontic problem, what treatment required to correct the problem, an estimation of treatment duration, treatment cost, and treatment goals and outcomes. It is also an opportunity to discuss questions with Dr. Pepper.
Will my teeth simply straighten on their own?
Orthodontic issues such as crowding, overbite, and overjet cannot simply be corrected through the growing process. If left untreated, these issues can worsen and also create other dental complications.
Do I need a referral for braces?
We welcome all patients for an initial evaluation without a referral from your dentist.


Dr. Pepper Says

Do you have any braces related questions? We would love to hear from you! Give our office a call or contact us through our appointment request form.


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