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Treatment Options

The best way to determine options for your ideal treatment is by visiting Dr. Pepper for a free consultation. See below for a few of the treatment options that we offer.


No two patients are exactly alike, although traditional braces involve brackets and wires. The goals of braces are to resolve issues such as overbite, crowded teeth or an incorrect bite. In addition, crooked teeth are straightened for proper facial and smile esthetics. A simple orthodontic case may require less than a year in braces, while others may require more than two years.

We use the highest quality brackets available made by 3M Unitek. They are packaged with the bonding material already on the back of the bracket for the quickest placement, which leads to a shorter appointment and increased patient comfort. Along with traditional metal braces, we are happy to offer Clarity Advanced clear braces, which give the appearance of no braces at all!

Early Intervention

Beginning at the age of seven, a child begins to develop his or her bite pattern based on newly erupted permanent molars. Although orthodontic intervention at this young of an age is uncommon, it is important to receive an evaluation to plan to prevent future problems such as crowding, inadequate space, and the need for removal of permanent teeth in the future. Consistent monitoring of jaw growth and dental development may reduce necessary treatment in the teenage years.

Also, some issues with the teeth are best treated early while the child is rapidly growing. Common causes for early treatment are a small upper jaw with the top teeth behind the lower teeth (i.e. a “bulldog bite”) or a crossbite of the back teeth. If either you or your dentist notices one of these issues with your child, please call for an evaluation.


For some patients who desire a near invisible tooth-straightening option, Invisalign® is an excellent choice. Invisalign® aligners slowly adjust the positioning of the teeth and are easily removed to eat and brush/floss your teeth. Aligners are typically replaced every one to two weeks as teeth continue to move until treatment goals are accomplished. We offer full treatment with Invisalign, Invisalign Teen and Invisalign Express 10.

For Adults

Braces for adults are more common than ever before. Some adult patients never received orthodontic treatment as an adolescent but desire that perfect smile. Others have had braces in the past, but their teeth don’t look the same as they used to and they want their perfect smile again. Regardless of a patient’s age, orthodontic treatment can provide predictable tooth movement. We have orthodontic patients in their 70’s and up, so no one is “too old” for orthodontics!

For adults that need minor tooth movement to correct small irregularities with their teeth, we now offer Invisalign Express 10. This quick and easy system is significantly less expensive than traditional Invisalign or braces. Come in for a consult and let us see if Invisalign Express 10 is right for you.

In addition to providing you with a better smile and bite, we also work with your general dentist. If you need a bridge or implant, we can move one or more teeth prior to your dental work to allow your dentist to give you the best possible result.


Dr. Pepper Says

At a free consultation appointment, I will sit down with you to discuss your treatment goals and outcomes. Let me answer your questions!

I feel so confident with my perfect smile!

My appointments at CAO were fun and easy!

Dr. Pepper and her team were wonderful! Thank you CAO!

Everyone at CAO was awesome!