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Taking Care of Your Braces

We want all of our patients to have an excellent braces experience.  For that reason, we have compiled a list of some good tips for your optimum oral health while wearing and caring for your braces.

Hard or Sticky Foods

Hard or crunchy foods have the potential to knock of bonded brackets or dislodge wires.  Foods like nuts, hard candy, frozen candy, crunchy vegetables, chips, or even ice cubes should be avoided.  Sticky foods like taffy, caramel, or starbursts also have the potential to dislodge wires or dislocate brackets.  Hard or sticky foods should therefor be avoided when possible.

Bad Habits

Braces are an investment, so take good care of them! Avoid habits like biting or chewing nails, biting on pens or pencils, or poking on or playing with wires with your tongue.  Dislodging a bracket or wire could mean an inconvenient and unnecessary appointment.

Oral Hygiene

Wearing braces is irritating to gums which can cause gums to become puffy and red or inflamed.  Patients may find that maintaining healthy gums requires more effort than before.  We recommend excellent brushing habits in morning and night, as well as after every meal.  Good brushing habits mean healthier gums and a decreased likelihood of developing stains or cavities.  When brushing, be sure to use a 45 degree angle towards your gum line above and below the brackets.  In our Port Charlotte Orthodontics practice, we will also show you how to properly floss while wearing braces.

 Regular Dental Check-Ups

During the time that you wear braces, it is especially important to stay up to date with your dental check-ups.  A regular dental exam with x-rays is a key to good oral health and preventing cavities from developing while wearing braces.


Dr. Pepper Says

Excellent care and oral health during the braces process can speed up treatment times and improve your outcomes! Let us help you make your smile beautiful!

I feel so confident with my perfect smile!

My appointments at CAO were fun and easy!

Dr. Pepper and her team were wonderful! Thank you CAO!

Everyone at CAO was awesome!