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As our patient at Charlotte Advanced Orthodontics in Port Charlotte, FL, we want your experience wearing braces to be as easy and comfortable as possible.  Throughout the course of your wearing braces, it is possible that you may dislodge a bracket or break a wire.  If this happens or if you are uncomfortable at any time, please give us a call so we can see you as soon as possible.

General Soreness

When adjusting to wearing braces or an adjustment, you will definitely notice soreness or tenderness to your teeth or jaws.  This is due to the changes and movement that are taking place as your teeth begin slight movements.  Occasionally this soreness is exacerbated when chewing.  Fortunately, this feeling only lasts for the first few days and can be relieved with the same type of pain reliever you might use for a headache (ibuprofen or acetaminophen).

Broken, Sharp, or Poking Wires

A dislodged or broken wire can poke the back of your mouth causing discomfort.  We provide our patients with wax to cover wire ends until you can return for an adjustment.  In rare occasions when a broken or poking wire is truly causing extreme pain, you may use wire clippers to trim the wire.  Be sure to call or return to us as soon as possible so we can replace or readjust the wire.

Loose or Dislodged Bracket or Band

Loose, dislodged, or broken brackets or bands can result from chewing hard or chewy foods.  You may place wax over the bracket or band to prevent discomfort.  Please call or return to us as quickly as possible so that we can properly and quickly repair or replace the bracket or band.


Dr. Pepper Says

If you experience any problems while wearing braces, give us a call at 941-629-2221! We are here to help!

I feel so confident with my perfect smile!

My appointments at CAO were fun and easy!

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